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We value long-term cooperation and want to not only support our customers, but also promote their further development. They appreciate the collaborative, trusting work with us.

Martin Nusser
Deputy Director

"As a port authority we are responsible for the port infrastructure. The bloog team continuously supports us in sharpening our digital strategy and defining our role as providers of digital port infrastructure."

Our collaboration with the Port of Switzerland

As bloog, we work hand in hand with the team of Port of Switzerland. We conduct workshops, develop customized strategies and concepts, and gather requirements for digital transformation. When needed, we actively provide support for the successful implementation of projects.

„bloog is a trusted partner, supporting us in the management of our SCAYLE integration projects. They consistently deliver exceptional results, thanks to their expertise, ownership, and communication skills.“

Our Engagement with SCAYLE

With great joy, we have been accompanying SCAYLE for several years in its exciting journey towards becoming one of the most significant providers of eCommerce platforms. Together with SCAYLE's young, dynamic team, we collaborate on advancing and implementing their product.

We highly value the trust placed in us to lead complex integration projects, particularly by the Managing Directors of SCAYLE.

René Dalock
Managing Director