Bloog Consulting

transforming industries.

We are consultants because we want to shape the future. People are at the heart of what we do.

Digital transformation will change the way people work.

We want to support organisations in making this change a success that also benefits the people.

To enable the future success of organisations, innovations are essential. bloog helps to develop these. We have broad experience with transformation in traditional industries and know the challenges but also the great potential that arises.

We are convinced that medium-sized companies play a central role in our society. Due to their structure, it is often more challenging for them to implement digitalisation. That is why we support them: From the planning of their projects to the implementation of their strategies and the introduction of new software, we are at their side.

We trust each other. We trust in our clients.

Our values are our backbone. They are reflected in every aspect of our work and our success.

Our success is based on trust.

Trust enables us to communicate openly with each other. We welcome different opinions and embrace new ideas. We believe that we achieve the best solutions by working together in partnership.

Being innovative requires ingenuity. We seek interaction with others to enhance our creativity and enjoy sharing our knowledge. Together with our customers, we want to develop innovations that inspire us all.

We want to continuously learn new things and grow. From this we draw our strength in everyday life. That is why we are constantly acquiring new knowledge and new methods. We have the courage to put previous results aside and develop new ones. For us, criticism is an opportunity and not a weakness. Because that is how we improve.

We are bloog.

A team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs and consultants. By complementing each other, we find solutions for complex challenges.

Stefan Wiech

I consider myself as a mediator between people and technology in order to successfully put digital innovations into practice.

I have been very fortunate to work in exciting digitalisation projects around the globe in the shipping and logistics industry for many years. I have experienced that close and trusting collaboration between all parties involved leads to the best results.

I co-founded bloog to implement creative and innovative ideas that sustainably help our customers to move forward.

Sahar Lemanczyk

I founded bloog because I am passionate about people and digitalisation.

Digitalisation is shaping our future. It is up to us how it will look like. We can use digitalisation as a tool to shape our lives the way we want them to be. With bloog, I want to make a positive contribution to this.

In the maritime industry, I have witnessed that traditions must make way for innovations to be possible. For this to happen, people have to trust in technology but also in the change itself. At bloog, I have the right team to build this trust.

Alexis Pangalos

I want to help shape the digital transformation so that people really benefit from it.

I am impressed by people's creativity and dedication to their work. I experienced this dedication intensively during the digitalisation and automation of the Port of Hamburg. In the port industry, with its huge ships and cranes, people sometimes seem very small. That is precisely why I will always keep them in focus.

Mario Siering

I want to empower our customers to leverage their full potential with the help of digitalisation.

Technology is transforming companies and organizations. This transformation has always excited me. With my work, I build the bridge between executives and IT experts. The ability to mediate between both sides at eye level is the key to success. In more than four years in IT management consulting, I laid the foundation for this. At bloog, I want to understand the needs and challenges of our customers to find the best solution for complex issues together with them.

Bernhard Bastian

I am at bloog because it's exactly my thing to inspire people, manage change and pass on knowledge.

Comitted employees and efficient processes are key factors for the success of a company. That is why I want to establish processes in such a way that employees really embrace them. In this way, continous improvements are made without reverting to old structures.

With this approach, I have helped my clients in past years to improve the quality of cargo handling and production facilities in the long term.

Join the team.

We want to offer a great workplace to people who associate their work with joy and enthusiasm.

We founded bloog to bring our life philosophy into our work environment.

We enjoy our work most when we do it together with other "bloog" people. Do you want to take responsibility in a young company and grow? Then we are very happy to receive your application. We are currently looking for Junior Consultants in particular.

You should have the ability to create clarity through communication - in German as well as in English. As a consultant, you will experience projects in which the goal is not clear or changes frequently. It is then up to you to figure out what the customer really needs by talking to them.

Your application should consist of an anonymous resume and cover letter. In this step we do not want to know your ethnicity, your gender, or your exact age. You can find an example here. Feel free to send your documents to

Let‘s Get in Touch.

You will find our office at Große Bäckerstrasse 10 in the heart of Hamburg. We look forward to meeting you in person.