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We combine our experience with new perspectives and creative approaches.

Stefan Wiech - bloog.consulting

Digital transformation offers new opportunities and requires new approaches

We are passionate about supporting and advising people in companies, public authorities and NGOs in the development of digital products and transformative strategies. We don't create works for the drawer, but strengthen out clients' digital presence in the long term. Our vision is to rethink the future together and develop customised solutions that promote entrepreneurial action and make people's lives easier.

From the development of innovative ideas to their implementation, we always support our clients with constructive and realistic approaches. In doing so, we always keep a clear view of the future. For us, consulting means more than just prescribing standardised solutions. Our focus is on partnership-based cooperation that recognizes potential. Identifying and implementing new ideas is often the greatest challenge - and our greatest strength.

we are bloog

A team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs and consultants. Together, we find solutions for complex challenges.

We want to provide curious individuals with a great workplace and grow together

We are consultants, not developers - that's why we didn't start bloog in a garage, but in a living room. In the meantime, we have moved into a beautiful office in the centre of Hamburg, where we are jointly implementing our vision of a good workplace. There are also no longer three of us, but eleven. So a lot has changed since our founding in 2020.

What has remained the same is the motivation that has driven us from the first day on: To be an inspiring and exciting workplace for curious people and to bring challenging digitalisation projects to success with passion. The expertise and experience of the founders complement the open and agile nature of our consultants perfectly. We remain true to this concept. The many successful projects and great colleagues endorse our philosophy.

we complement each other

From the programmer to the amateur chef to the in-house squash team - that's bloog.

guided by

We are consultants because we want to help shape the future. Our focus lies on the needs of every individual.

Our values are our compass. They impact every aspect of our work and success

We firmly believe that digitalisation has transformative power and the potential to actually improve the world. At a time when technology is present in almost all aspects of our lives, we want to use the resulting opportunities for doing good. The positive impact for people and society should not be a by-product, but the central element that guides our actions.

We see every project as an opportunity to bring in our strengths, to grow together and to make a lasting difference. To this end, we work on ourselves every day to create a working environment that makes just that possible. We can talk about anything openly and at eye level, whether it's the current project, corporate strategy or simply the next drinks order. And our foosball table is explicitly not an office decoration, but an integral part of successful projects.

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You will find our office at Kleine Johannisstraße 10 in the heart of Hamburg. We look forward to meeting you in person.

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