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Transforming industries.

Digital transformation is a transformation of people and their habits. It will change how we work and how we design our work processes. We at bloog want to make this change a sustainable success for the people. We believe that digital transformation is an amazing chance for our clients.

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bloog is for the people.

We believe high quality consulting services depend on talented and creative people. bloog is the right environment for these people. We empower our people to grow and have a great life-balance at the same time. Collaborating with the people of bloog will enable success and create sustainable value.

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We trust each other. We trust in our clients.

Our success is built on trust. Trust enables us to communicate openly with each other and with our clients. We embrace different opinions. We encourage new ideas. We believe in the power of collaboration to achieve the best solutions.


Alexis Pangalos

I co-founded bloog because I am passionate about people.

For the past five years I have worked on digitalisation projects in the maritime industry. These projects depended on the collaboration of competing stakeholders and the willingness to re-evaluate traditions. To me, achieving a momentum of change in a traditional industry is like reaching the top of a mountain. As a climber, I need to trust my partners with my life, I need to be daring and yet self-composed. With bloog I have the right team to keep on climbing mountains together.


Alexis Pangalos

I like analytical thinking and reasoning, which I was able to do intensively during my studies of theoretical mathematics. I am inspired by people with their creativity and dedication to their work. I have been able to experience this dedication over the past twelve years during the digitalisation and automation of the Port of Hamburg. In the port industry, with its gigantic ships and cranes, people sometimes seem small.

I want to help shape the digital transformation so that people really benefit from it.


Alexis Pangalos

I am passionate about music. A well-arranged masterpiece of music requires a perfect collaboration of different voices, instruments and musicians. I am very fortunate to work in exciting digitalisation projects around the globe in the maritime and rail industry for more than thirteen years. Experiencing that close and trustful collaboration of all stakeholders leads to the best results like performing a masterpiece in music.

I consider myself as mediator between technology and people and I am always thrilled by new challenges.

I co-founded bloog to even more consequently implement creative and innovative ideas in order to make our clients sustainably happy.

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bloog is based in Hamburg. We are looking forward to getting in touch with you personally. Please send us an e-mail for any questions about bloog and our consulting services.

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